Candidate Oregon House District 3

Brady W Keister

Candidate Oregon House District 3

What Supporters Say


YOU HAVE A CHOICE! I do not have a track-record to hype or spin, so here I am:

  • An Oregon Native born in Portland, moved to Grants Pass in 1946.
  • More than 24 years in the USAF, retiring in 1991.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management and a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology
  • Careful decision maker, I seek complete information on issues
  • Am an attentive listener, respecting other’s points of view

An elected person, in any office, should accurately state their beliefs and hold to them. I believe:

  • That everyone eligible should vote as is their right
  • In the rights of workers
  • That healthcare is a human right
  • In science and that Climate Change is the gravest issue facing humanity worldwide
  • In total separation of church and state
  • In sensible gun laws
  • That all human life matters
  • That LGBTQ+ have inviolable rights in their pursuit of the exercise of those rights

I will be a forthright spokesperson for Josephine County, bringing attention to its struggles with illegal cannabis grows, water depletion, law enforcement funding, affordable housing/homelessness, and fire protection.

I will go the legislature pledged to represent all county residents. Everyone from the person in a tent to those people in the house on the hill.